Practice Areas

Thomas Roney LLC provides economic, finance and statistical consulting services; critiques of opposing experts’ reports; damages calculations and expert witness testimony to law firms nationwide. We have offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta and Miami. In fact, we have performed forensic consulting services in more than three dozen states. We specialize in the following practice areas:

Economic Damages in Employment Matters

We determine the economic impact, such as lost wages, bonuses, and benefits, of an individual or group dismissal, layoff, failure to promote or other employment decision.

Economic Damages in Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Matters

We calculate the economic damages the tort victim and/or the victim's family members suffered. These damages may involve wages, profits, benefits, home services, and personal consumption.

Life Care Plans

We calculate the present value of future care costs and life care plans.

Life Expectancies

We offer expertise in calculating accurate and precise life expectancies using life insurance methods.

Business Damages

We calculate lost profits and other damages suffered as the result of a tort or breach of contract.

Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement Damages

We provide economic analysis and valuation for current and proposed intellectual property and patent infringement cases.

Business Valuations

We provide business valuations in the areas of commercial litigation, intellectual property matters, and family law actions.

Cost/Benefit Analysis & Cost-Effectiveness

We provide economic analysis of projects involving both public and private investments.


We provide consulting in anti-trust matters such as monopolization, tying, price fixing, and predatory pricing.

Employee Theft Investigations

We evaluate employee theft and embezzlement, calculate financial losses, and provide documentation for insurance claims and criminal prosecution.

Free Consultation and Checklists

After an initial free consultation, we will provide you with an appropriate checklist of the data an economist uses in preparing a comprehensive damages report in personal injury, wrongful death and employment matters.

We will consult with you and your client directly regarding the necessary data and documents required for commercial litigation cases.