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Dr. Rosenbaum specializes in three economic consulting areas: losses related to personal injury or wrongful death; antitrust; and cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness analysis.

David has consulted for over two decades in cases involving personal injuries and wrongful deaths, with cases in multiple state and federal courts. He has provided expert witness testimony in court and deposition on numerous occasions. He currently serves on the board of the National Association of Forensic Economics and is President-Elect of the American Association of Economic and Financial Experts.

Dr. Rosenbaum has consulted in a variety of antitrust cases involved monopolization, tying, price fixing, and predatory pricing. In one case, the defendant was accused of monopolization and tying sales in a particular market. David was able to show that the defendant’s prices were always above marginal cost, that there likely was no market power, and that there was no tying between products. He also reasonably questioned the extent of damages claimed by the plaintiff. In another case, a group of businesses that collectively provided 100 percent of a service in an area was contemplating signing an exclusive contract with a supplier. This contract would effectively exclude any other suppliers from that area. The businesses wanted to know if this exclusive contract would constitute monopolization. After significant research Dr. Rosenbaum advised that the contract probably would not constitute monopolization based on two points. First, Lincoln, Neb. was probably not a relevant geographic market. Second, special economic conditions in that particular industry made an exclusive contract the only economically reasonable way to acquire the supplies. In a third case, David wrote a fairly extensive economic analysis detailing why a competitor’s behavior could be construed as predation. The analysis included an appraisal of the relevant antitrust market, a justification of predatory conduct and intent and economic support for recoupment.

Dr. Rosenbaum has been involved in a number of consulting projects involving cost-benefit and/or cost-effectiveness analyses of both public and private investments, including:

  • A cost-effectiveness analysis of new paradigms in helping families in crisis
  • A cost-benefit analysis of the impact that irrigation restrictions would have on state and local economies
  • A cost-benefit analysis of investments in early childhood education
  • An analysis of the benefits from forest fuel reduction projects in a four-state region
  • A cost-benefit analysis of a major arterial redesign in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • A cost-benefit analysis of a single number information and referral network
  • A review of a proposed beltway to the east and south of Lincoln
  • A community cost-benefit analysis of a new prison in Tecumseh, Nebraska
  • An analysis of the costs and benefits associated with a multi-product utility in South Dakota

Dr. Rosenbaum earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985. He has since been teaching at the University of Nebraska for over 30 years where he currently is a tenured Professor of Economics. He has authored several economic analysis reports, as well as more than 30 articles published in a variety of professional journals.

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