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Anti-Trust Law

Economic Consultants & Expert Witnesses for High-Stakes Antitrust Litigation

Anti-trust investigations and litigation can demand complex financial analyses to quantify both harm and damages. At Thomas Roney LLC, our experienced anti trust lawyers in determining, evaluating, and rebutting damages in anti-trust cases.

Known for our objectivity, professionalism, and expertise, we are highly skilled at analyzing complex data, applying econometric modeling techniques, and presenting clear, concise expert opinions.

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We offer economic consulting and expert witness services to attorneys and organizations across the U.S.

Anti-Trust Damage Analyses

To establish anti-trust damages, our experts perform sophisticated, market-based but-for analyses, selecting the most appropriate approach and applying microeconomic reasoning. We are highly effective at quantifying “injury” and calculating damages for complex private antitrust laws, as well as antitrust actions and investigations involving government authorities.

Some of the various types of antitrust matters we are experienced with include:

  • Class certification and damages: We identify and evaluate the issues, create case-specific models, and educate legal teams and juries about class action damages. Our experts are exceptionally knowledgeable about the laws and the latest changes related to damage caps and calculations in class action cases.
  • Collusion: Our economists analyze price-fixing agreements, bid-rigging, market allocation schemes, and cartels, determining lost profits and other factors essential to damage calculations.
  • Mergers: We assess the competitive effects of acquisitions, applying upward pricing pressure tests and other analyses to evaluate financial risks.
  • Monopolization: Our experts analyze industries and markets to evaluate whether (or the extent to which) brands or companies have exercised monopoly power by engaging in predatory pricing, overcharging, pass-through pricing, and more.

Our anti-trust damage reports and expertise play pivotal roles in:

  • Advising business executives and owners regarding potential exposure
  • Facilitating negotiations between companies and U.S. antitrust agencies
  • Strengthening plaintiff and defense legal cases in arbitration panels, as well as antitrust litigation in U.S. state and federal courts
  • Supporting settlement negotiations in civil litigation

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The economic consultants and expert witnesses at Thomas Roney LLC have a deep understanding of the challenging economic issues raised by various anti-trust actions.

Whether your company is involved in an administrative or legal antitrust action—or you are simply evaluating a specific investment or merger opportunity—the team at Thomas Roney LLC can:

  • Educate you about the economic issues at play
  • Assist in developing, refining, and bolstering case strategy
  • Provide timely, accurate and credible assessments and reports for future proceedings
  • Determine, explain, and/or refute damages for several types of anti-trust cases

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The sooner you contact Thomas Roney LLC, the better. Our economic experts’ involvement during discovery may be critical to the development of facts and strategy in your anti-trust case. With time to learn the facts, we can be highly effective at uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and we can prepare a damages report, opinion, or critique that is focused, objective, and, most importantly, credible.