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A simple equation won’t typically capture the real value of personal injury cases, especially those involving catastrophic injuries and extensive losses. In fact, determining compensation in most personal injury cases is a complex process, requiring careful analysis and sophisticated calculations.

At Thomas Roney LLC, our financial experts are highly skilled at calculating economic damages for all types of personal injury cases. Our team of economists, forensic accountants, analysts, and others has experience with everything from discovery and depositions to summary judgments, trials, and more. We work with plaintiff and defense attorneys across the nation, playing a vital role in:

  • Explaining complicated economic and accounting issues and financial standards
  • Developing, refining, and strengthening case strategy
  • Providing present value analysis of life care plans and lost earnings and benefits amounts
  • Estimating the present value of lost household production services.

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Our economic consultants and expert witnesses are exceptionally qualified to assist in a vast range of personal injury cases, including (but not limited to) claims involving:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian wrecks
  • Dangerous products
  • Exposure to hazardous substances
  • Unsafe premises
  • Medical malpractice and hospital negligence
  • Animal attacks
  • Wrongful death

How a Financial Expert Can Strengthen Personal Injury Cases

Calculating past and future damages for tort cases—and determining the best methodology for those calculations—is just part of what an economic expert does. Additional ways our experts support and assist attorneys with personal injury cases include:

  • Educating legal teams, juries, and others about the economic issues at play in a given case
  • Providing timely, accurate assessments of damages for depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and trials
  • Establishing fair, credible and defensible damages amounts, based on objective and current data accepted methodologies and appropriate techniques

At Thomas Roney LLC, we are experienced with various aspects of personal injury damages, including:

  • Lost earnings: From wages and benefits to bonuses, stock options, commissions, and lost earning capacity, we can determine the total past and future lost earnings for tort claims. This can involve forensic accounting, economic and statistical analyses, and working productively with other experts such as vocational experts, life care planners and life expectancy experts, along with careful documentation of all sources that are relied on for our opinions.
  • Medical treatment costs: Determining past and future medical expenses can involve working closely with other experts, like physicians, life care planners and care cost experts. These damages may need to cover everything from doctor’s visits and surgery to hospital stays, medication, physical therapy, and more. Key to our analyses are our projections for cost inflation by different care cost categories, the value of assistive equipment needs, life expectancy calculations, and a present value determination for life care plans.
  • Other losses: Depending on the case, other economic damages may arise. We consider all claimed damages and may be able to include additional damages in our reports or critique excessive damages claims by opposing experts. We can also explain appropriate methodologies and standards regarding damage calculations.

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