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Economic & Accounting Experts

Economic Experts

Legal cases can take a major toll on your client, burdening them with financial stress. Having a competent and experienced economic damage expert can unburden your client’s stress by estimating the losses suffered due to the injury or suffering, ensuring they receive a good value for their claim.

economic expert Thomas RoneyAn expert economist is trained and knowledgeable in considering multiple factors that other experts often miss to calculate the right economic damages. A skilled economist can help measure and identify future and past economic losses in:

  • Wrongful termination, wrongful death, and personal injury cases
  • Business valuation, business interruption, and lost profits
  • Patent infringement and anti-trust matters

Thomas Roney Economic Experts Can Strengthen Your Case

Thomas Roney LLC understands the challenges the plaintiff might face throughout the case. Our team provides accurate economic damages estimation in legal cases that can prove highlight valuable for the attorneys to present the case and demand the right damages for the suffering caused.

Since the non-economic damages have a cap, economic damages are more significant. Our economic experts can assist you in helping your clients with:

  • Future damage estimation
  • Economic losses calculation, including future and medical costs, household services, stock options, benefits, profits, and wages
  • Taxes or personal consumption adjustment
  • Assessment of expert report by the opponent
  • Estimation of other damages associated with the case

Our Practice Areas

We have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience and skills and multiple areas, including:

Economic Damages in Employment Matters

Our team can provide precise economic impact in all employment–related cases, including failure to promote, layoffs, group or individual dismissal, benefits, bonuses, and lost wages.

Economic Damages in Wrongful Death/Personal Injury Matters

Our team thoroughly investigates the case and estimates the economic damages suffered by the tort victim and their family, including personal consumption, home services, benefits, profits, and wages.

Life Care Plans

Our team can assist you in deciding better care for yourself and your loved one by determining an accurate estimate of expenses in future care and life care.

Life Expectancies

Our team can help you make informed life decisions by providing precise and accurate life expectancies through life insurance methods.

Business Damages

Our team can provide an accurate calculation for profit lost and other financial damages your company suffered due to a breach of contract or tort.

Business Valuations

Our team conducts business valuations in multiple areas, including family law cases, intellectual property actions, and commercial litigation.

Reasons to Hire Our Economic Experts

Accountants & economic experts prepare financial damages reports, attest economic damages, and offer consultation on the cases. We can give advice on:

  • Interrogatory economic issues and deposition
  • Demonstrative evidence for estimating the amount of damage
  • Challenging the assumptions and opinions of the opponent’s expert
  • Assisting in attaining the right damages to meet the expectations of the client

The involvement of the economic expert throughout the discovery is crucial in developing a strong strategy and facts in the case. Our economic expert team can investigate your case, find your weaknesses and strengths, and create a credible, focused, and accurate report.

Why Work with the Thomas Roney LLC?

At Thomas Roney LLC, we are focused on ensuring the plaintiff receives the ideal compensation they deserve for the sufferings they had to endure. We offer our expert opinion on the amount of damages and future loss estimation based on multiple factors of the case.

Our team of economic experts has extensive experience and understanding in assessing the damages to give you a clearer pre and post-financial picture to help you with the case. Contact us today and talk with us about the details of your case and discuss next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Thomas Roney LLC stand out in providing economic expert services in Fort Worth?2024-01-17T13:48:11-06:00

At Thomas Roney LLC, we pride ourselves on our team’s extensive experience and meticulous approach in the field of economic and accounting expertise. Specializing in the assessment of economic damages, our services are invaluable in legal cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, business valuation, and more. Our Fort Worth-based team is dedicated to offering precise and comprehensive evaluations to support your case.

How can Thomas Roney LLC assist with economic damages in employment-related cases in Fort Worth?2024-01-17T13:55:08-06:00

In employment matters, such as wrongful termination or group dismissals, our skilled professionals at Thomas Roney LLC provide detailed economic impact assessments. We carefully analyze lost wages, bonuses, benefits, and other financial repercussions to offer a thorough and accurate representation of economic damages, ensuring our clients in Fort Worth receive the expert analysis they need.

What expertise does Thomas Roney LLC offer in personal injury and wrongful death matters in Fort Worth?2024-01-17T13:55:37-06:00

Our team at Thomas Roney LLC specializes in calculating the economic damages suffered by victims of personal injury or wrongful death. We meticulously evaluate wages, profits, benefits, and other financial aspects impacted by the incident. Our expertise ensures that Fort Worth clients receive a detailed and accurate assessment of their economic losses.

Can Thomas Roney LLC provide business valuation services in Fort Worth?2024-01-17T13:56:50-06:00

Yes, at Thomas Roney LLC, we offer comprehensive business valuation services in Fort Worth and in every area of the country. Our team is adept at conducting valuations for various purposes, including commercial litigation, intellectual property disputes, and family law cases. Businesses in Fort Worth and all over the United States can rely on our expertise for accurate and detailed valuation assessments.

Why should attorneys in Fort Worth choose Thomas Roney LLC for economic damage expert services?2024-01-17T13:57:43-06:00

For attorneys in Fort Worth seeking reliable economic damage assessments, Thomas Roney LLC offers unparalleled expertise. Our team’s extensive experience in economic and accounting matters, combined with our commitment to delivering precise and comprehensive reports, makes us a valuable asset in legal proceedings. If you require expert economic analysis, reach out to us for informed and effective assistance.

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Practices Areas

We determine the economic impact, such as lost wages, bonuses, and benefits, of an individual or group dismissal, layoff, failure to promote or other employment decision.

We calculate the economic damages the tort victim and/or the victim’s family members suffered. These damages may involve wages, profits, benefits, home services, and personal consumption.

We calculate the present value of future care costs and life care plans.

We offer expertise in calculating accurate and precise life expectancies using life insurance methods.

We calculate lost profits and other damages suffered as the result of a tort or breach of contract.

We provide business valuations in the areas of commercial litigation, intellectual property matters, and family law actions.

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Economists prepare expert reports, testify on economic damages, and provide consulting services. Experienced economists can advise you on:

  • Deposition and interrogatory economic questions;
  • Effective demonstrative evidence to help establish the damages amount;
  • Signaling your opponent that their expert’s opinions and assumptions will not go unchallenged;
  • Managing your client’s expectations regarding the magnitude of the damages;
  • Your strategy in settlement or trial on the credible amount of damages.

The economic expert’s involvement during discovery may be critical to the development of facts and strategy in your case. Give the expert time to learn the facts, point out the strengths and weaknesses of your case and prepare a report or critique that is focused, objective and, most importantly, credible.

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