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Cost-Benefit Analysis Experts

Economic Expertise to Evaluate the Cost-Effectiveness of Projects & Investments

Strategic investors know that financial due diligence is essential in evaluating the viability of any opportunity. At Thomas Roney LLC, our economic experts have experience conducting thorough cost-benefit analyses and synthesizing our expert findings into clear, concise opinions and presenting to appropriate government entities.

Known for our qualifications, objectivity, and expertise, we are highly adept at conducting and evaluating cost-effectiveness analyses for an array of issues, businesses, projects, and investments.

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We offer economic consulting services to attorneys, investors, and businesses throughout the U.S.

Expert Cost-Benefit Analyses for Public & Private Matters

Thomas Roney LLC specializes in cost-effectiveness analyses to support a range of disciplines and decision-making needs. To ensure accuracy and provide valuable insights, our approach involves:

  • Establishing the proper analytical framework, including all necessary parameters for the analysis
  • Creating or selecting the most appropriate models and methodologies
  • Identifying and categorizing the costs versus the benefits
  • Calculating the value of the costs versus the benefits over the estimated life of the investment, initiative, or project
  • Comparing the data and analyzing the results to devise expert recommendations

As part of our sophisticated process, our experts will consider and assess several key factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Direct and indirect costs
  • Real, tangible, and intangible costs
  • Present versus future values
  • Cash flow and revenue
  • Debt and credit data
  • Financial thresholds
  • Sensitivity and risk analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Discount rates
  • Different options and courses of action

Whether we’re assisting public or private investors or organizations, our team is exceptionally skilled at performing cost-benefit analyses that assist our clients in accomplishing various objectives. Some of these include:

  • Creating benchmarks for upcoming projects, initiatives, and ventures
  • Assessing investment opportunities, financial transactions, and proposals
  • Evaluating the potential gains and losses associated with litigation and the available alternatives
  • Quantifying the impacts of policy changes on shareholders
  • Simplifying complicated business and policy decisions in terms of net benefits

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When it’s time to make critical financial decisions regarding opportunities and the future of an organization, it’s time to contact the economic experts at Thomas Roney LLC. We have a long-standing record of professionalism, objectivity, and integrity, backed by a proven record of helping our clients achieve favorable outcomes.

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From statistical analyses and financial models to strategic evaluations and expert reports, our team has the qualifications, knowledge, and resources to deliver the highest quality analyses and recommendations. Plus, our multidisciplinary team is effective at:

  • Explaining methodologies, reasoning, and opinions in legal proceedings and administrative matters
  • Providing well-researched, accurate assessments for impending reviews or actions
  • Evaluating and rebutting analyses from other experts to determine feasibility
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