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Fort Worth Life Care Planning Experts

Life Care Plan Expert Witnesses & Consultants

Economists & Financial Experts Providing Personal Injury Attorneys with a credible assessment of the value, in present-day dollars, a Life Care Plan. We do NOT create Life Care Plans, we only provide a present-day assessment of value. 

Critical to personal injury cases, life care plans contain essential details regarding plaintiffs’ necessary medical expenses. Our task is to project future inflation of the care costs and determine the present value of an award for the financial needs after an injury-causing event. At Thomas Roney LLC, our certified economic and financial specialists are skilled at creating, analyzing, and estimating the present value of life care plans.

Our team of economic and financial consultants has extensive experience working with plaintiff and defense attorneys nationwide. No matter what catastrophic injuries or events are involved in a case, we can provide a credible assessment of the value, in present-day dollars, a Life Care Plan. We do NOT create Life Care Plans, we only provide a present-day assessment of value. Turn to Thomas Roney LLC when it’s time to evaluate claims and financial recoveries.

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Life Care Plan Assessments for Personal Injury Cases

Thomas Roney LLC provides the full range of life care plan services for personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents, work injuries, dangerous products, unsafe places, and more. These services include (and are not limited to):

  • Modeling: We determine the best methodologies for calculating current and future financial needs. Then, we carry out the complex analyses and calculations, using the latest techniques and highly advanced software, to complete valuations.
  • Audits: We analyze and carefully review existing life care plans to determine whether they are fair and/or compliant with the applicable standards and laws. Then, we create detailed reports that clearly explain our findings.
  • Opinions: Our experts synthesize complex data into cogent opinions that meet or exceed all applicable discovery requirements.

To provide the highest quality life care plan services, our experts consider an array of key factors, such as (but not limited to):

  • Expenses: This includes all current and future medical care costs, from hospital, surgery, and medication bills to expenses for long-term nursing care, home modifications, and assistive equipment.
  • Frequency: Current medical care costs, the number of times the costs will be incurred each year and the duration of the costs of medical goods and services (when they begin and when the end) all need to be assessed in determining the present value of the life care plan.
  • Life expectancy: This involves a careful examination of individual attributes and behaviors, along with life tables and risk factors. Given that many personal injury awards are intended to cover certain financial and medical needs for the rest of a plaintiff’s life, accuracy of life expectancy estimates for an individual may be especially important when calculating life expectancy for life care plans, especially for those plaintiffs with pre-existing conditions. We rely on the current U.S. Life Tables for males and females, published by the CDC, and reduced life expectancy for an individual provided by a certified life care planner or life expectancy expert.
  • Nationwide: Our Team works with Plaintiff & Defense Attorney’s and Life Care Planners nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Thomas Roney LLC a leading choice for life care plan expert services in Fort Worth?2024-01-17T13:35:46-06:00

At Thomas Roney LLC, our team of dedicated economic and financial consultants brings extensive experience in life care plan assessments, crucial for personal injury cases. Based in Fort Worth, we pride ourselves on providing a credible, present-day value assessment of life care plans, utilizing advanced methodologies and software. Our local expertise, combined with our nationwide reach, positions us uniquely to serve attorneys with unparalleled professionalism and accuracy.

How does life care planning expertise at Thomas Roney LLC support personal injury attorneys in Fort Worth?2024-01-17T13:35:34-06:00

In Fort Worth, Thomas Roney LLC specializes in delivering top-notch life care planning expert services to personal injury attorneys. Our role involves detailed economic analyses and projections of future care costs, tailored to each case’s unique circumstances. We focus on creating a comprehensive financial outline, ensuring that all aspects, from immediate medical expenses to long-term care needs, are meticulously evaluated for a fair and accurate life care plan.

What sets Thomas Roney LLC apart as a life care expert witness in Fort Worth?2024-01-17T13:35:27-06:00

As a distinguished life care expert witness in Fort Worth, Thomas Roney LLC excels in articulating complex financial data in a clear, understandable manner. Our experts are adept at synthesizing intricate life care plan valuations into cogent testimonies, meeting rigorous legal standards. We bring a blend of economic insight and practical experience to the courtroom, offering reliable, objective perspectives that are crucial for personal injury cases.

Can Thomas Roney LLC assist with life care plan assessments for various types of personal injury cases in Fort Worth?2024-01-17T13:35:21-06:00

Yes, Thomas Roney LLC is equipped to handle life care plan assessments for a wide range of personal injury cases in Fort Worth. Whether it’s motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, or incidents involving unsafe products or environments, our team applies its expert knowledge to evaluate the financial impact thoroughly. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all potential costs and factors are considered, providing a robust foundation for legal proceedings.

Why should attorneys in Fort Worth choose Thomas Roney LLC for life care plan expertise?2024-01-17T13:35:13-06:00

Attorneys in Fort Worth seeking meticulous and professional life care plan expertise should consider Thomas Roney LLC. Our dedication to delivering accurate, present-day valuations of life care plans, combined with our extensive experience and analytical skills, makes us an invaluable asset. For those looking to navigate the complexities of personal injury cases with confidence, reach out to us for expert assistance and guidance.

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Thomas Roney LLC can provide Personal Injury Attorneys with a credible assessment of the value, in present-day dollars, a Life Care Plan.  We do NOT create Life Care Plans, we only provide a present-day assessment of value.