Thomas Roney LLC is an economic consulting firm specializing in economic damages calculations and economic expert witness testimony for attorneys throughout the country. We will help you be more effective with your case by providing timely and accurate assessments for upcoming litigation and settlements. We always serve you and your clients in a professional and cost-effective manner.

With recent changes in laws affecting non-economic damages calculations and caps, an early determination of potential economic losses is even more important in developing a case strategy. Our initial consultation is free. Please contact us for additional information about our services.

Please consider for a preliminary estimate of economic damages in personal injury and medical cost matters. Our software can assist in determining the value of your case or for comparison to opposing expert evaluation.

Areas of concentration include:

  • Personal injury and wrongful death damages.
  • Medical malpractice damages, including valuations of care costs and life care plans.
  • Damages in employment matters, including wrongful termination and Fair Labor Standards.
  • Employment discrimination and the statistical determination of liability.
  • Intellectual property and patent infringement damages.
  • Commercial damages, business interruption and lost profits.
  • Unfair competition, breach of contract, anti-trust.
  • Business valuations.
  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis.


Economic experts are valuable resources for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in presenting the facts of the case. An effective economic expert can testify, provide litigation support, and educate you on the economic issues of your case.

With caps on non-economic damages, the economic damages have become even more important. An economic expert can help you help your clients by:

  • Estimating future damages, discounted to today’s dollars;
  • Calculating economic losses, including wages, profits, benefits, stock options, household services, and future medical costs;
  • Appropriately adjusting for personal consumption or taxes;
  • Critiquing your opponent’s expert report;
  • Focusing on the magnitude of damages as an important part of your case strategy.
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We determine the economic impact, such as lost wages, bonuses, and benefits, of an individual or group dismissal, layoff, failure to promote or other employment decision.

We calculate the economic damages the tort victim and/or the victim’s family members suffered. These damages may involve wages, profits, benefits, home services, and personal consumption.

We calculate the present value of future care costs and life care plans.

We offer expertise in calculating accurate and precise life expectancies using life insurance methods.

We calculate lost profits and other damages suffered as the result of a tort or breach of contract.

We provide business valuations in the areas of commercial litigation, intellectual property matters, and family law actions.

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As an economist specializing in the calculation of economic damages, Thomas Roney offers litigation support to attorneys throughout the country. He has testified as an expert witness in court, during depositions and arbitration, and before the Special Master in Victims’ Compensation Fund matters.

Prior to opening his own firm, Mr. Roney was a Senior Economist with The Center for Forensic Economics, managing its Dallas office. In addition, he served as an in-house consultant to a national law firm as a litigation support consultant. Mr. Roney also worked with a major national accounting firm providing economic consulting services in commercial damages matters and as a senior research economist with an economic consulting firm in California, specializing in the calculation of economic losses in personal injury, wrongful death and wrongful termination cases.

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Thomas Roney
President and Senior
Forensic Economist

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“I have had occasion to use Thomas Roney as an expert witness in cases requiring economic valuations, loss of future earnings, earning capacity, and similar economic matters. He is very experienced and qualified, and he gives excellent testimony in depositions and trials. His expert reports have resulted in favorable outcomes for my clients. I highly recommend him.”

— Dallas attorney Mark O'Briant

“I am happy to report this matter settled at mediation. Your input was greatly appreciated and helped resolve the lawsuit.”

— Barry Shelton, Staff Attorney The Law Offices of Karl Schneider Employees of a Subsidiary of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

“Thank you for your help in this case, Mr. Roney. I look forward to using you in the future.”

— Mohamad Said, Modjarrad & Abusaadm Law Firm (2012)

“Your work was very helpful, and very easy to present to (the other side).”

— Michael Lovins, Esq. Austin, Texas

“Your testimony was most helpful in getting the proper result in this case.”

— Robert W. McClelland, Associate General Counsel, Ball Corporation

“We are happy to announce that the case has settled. We believe that your expert opinions and reports were pivotal to our success in this case.”

— Rocky Le, Rochelle McCullough, LLP (2012)

“You were a big help!  Thanks, again, for your services.”

— John Allen Chalk, P.C., Whitaker Chalk Swindle & Schwartz PLLC (2012)